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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Semi-Annual Meeting has been cancelled.

Sorry, but the semi-annual meeting scheduled for this Saturday April 12 has been cancelled due to low expected turnout.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Semi-Annual Meeting - Cancelled!

Sorry to say, but this event has been cancelled due to low expected turnout.

You can put it on your own calendar with information from here.
If we broadcast it, we will put the information there.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

February Executive Board Meeting

Executive Board meeting
Family Research Center - Bountiful
Feb 9, 2014 6:30 pm

PRESIDING & CONDUCTING: John Tolman, President



Barbara Tolman (12), Loraine Pace (50), Kay Badger, Trent Larson, John O. Tolman (1), Tom Tolman, Dawna Beagley, Lola Tolman Beagley

MINUTES : Minutes of 8 Sept 2013 Executive Board Meeting were read by Lola T Beagley and approved by those present.

FINANCIAL REPORT: presented by Treasurer, Barbara L Tolman, and is attached. The report was approved by unanimous vote .

PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE/REMARKS: John advised that much more participation is needed from the youth in the family. The April Semi Annual meeting will be used to promote actions/activities for a comprehensive youth involving semi-annual meeting in October. Tom Tolman indicated that many youth visit the Tolman Family Group facebook page.

BUSINESS: John Tolman commented on the poor attendance at the October 2013 Semi-Annual meeting and asked for suggestions to improve the attendance. The following were mentioned:
  1. Electronically announce the April meeting via emails and facebook
  2. Kay Badger suggested a meeting/fair in the Bountiful Tabernacle focused on getting the youth interested in Thomas Tolman history.
  3. Have an activity in the Tolman Park
  4. Have a temple session in the morning.
Suggestion for a speaker for the April meeting was Jay Burrup who is in the Church History Research Dept. Kay Badger will check with him.

Loraine will speak on issues that she feels needs addressing

Need to schedule additional cleanup of the filing cabinets at the Center.

Web Master – Trent Larson: Reminded the members that the list of passwords are in
the cabinets at the center. Suggested setting up video tape for the semi- annual meetings
Genealogist and Temple Work – Loraine T Pace :
1. She continues to scan pertinent documents retrieved from the filing cabinet cleanup
2. Received an email from Donavan Tolman in CA and is a descendant of Nathan Tolman.
3. Update on the Thomas Briggs journals- The hard copy is over 500 pages and covers time period of 1881 to 1909. It will be available on CD.
4. Still wrapping up loose ends on the “outside” lines. Much of research in England dead ends in 1500’s.
5. Church is making it much easier to do research from home with the digitizing of books.
Cyrus Line – Kay Badger: No report but would like copies of emails and will send
Loraine the Cyrus ged com.
Judson Line – Tonga Titcomb: not present
Benjamin Line – Mary Touchet: not present
Postcard and Magazine – Tom Tolman: Needs the magazine articles by March 1, 2014.
100-150 magazines are sent via email and 80 by regular mail.


Loraine will check with Mary and Tonge
Encourage all youth with who we have contact to come to the April meeting to discuss what they would like for the October meeting.

CLOSING PRAYER: Trent Larson  

Sunday, May 19, 2013

May Executive Board Meeting

Executive Board Meeting
Family Research Center-Bountiful
19 May 2013 6:30 pm

PRESIDING & CONDUCTING: John Tolman, President


WELCOME: John Tolman, President

THOSE IN ATTENDANCE & VOLUNTEER HOURS: Glen Tonge (2); Tricia Leslie (2); John Tolman (18); Tom Tolman (2); Jake Howlett (lots); Melanie Howlett (lots); Douglas Jones (lots); Joan Tolman; Loraine T Pace (227); Barbara Tolman (5); Lola T Beagley (225)
Total: 479 (+lots)

MINUTES : 13 Jan 2013 Executive Board Meeting minutes read by Lola T Beagley; corrected (Ralph Mecham’s (“son” to “grandson”) and then approved by group.

FINANCIAL REPORT: presented by Treasurer, Barbara L Tolman, and is attached. The report was approved by unanimous vote

The following try to meet weekly at the SLC Genealogy Library to do research as assigned by
Loraine T Pace: Loraine T Pace, John Tolman, Elese Elwood , Lola T Beagley


Web Master – Trent Larson - no report

Genealogist and Temple Work – Loraine T Pace

1. Has sorted through the 11 drawers at the Family Center to discard unneeded documents. Has completed 7 of the 11 drawers. Many sheets just listed Mr & Mrs and 1 child

2. We are back to the 1500’s on the main Thomas Tolman lines. There is not enough information in the records to proceed further as the old records just lists a child’s name and birth date but not the parents.

3. Set the date of 22 June 2013 for the semi-annual meeting from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. It is to be a workday at the Thomas Tolman Family Center to sort through the filing cabinets. Decided to sell the filing cabinets for $75.

4. As will be digitizing the pertinent documents. Douglas Jones suggested since everything is internet based perhaps the journals should be changed to PDFs

5. Need to think about closing the Thomas Tolman Organization and selling the facility. We are now an online generation and the physical facility is becoming obsolete. Payment of dues and donations have decreased dramatically over last 2 years. It was suggested to keep the house for just a rental but all the rental income goes back into the building and there is no profit bearing project.
    1. Donate the photos and historical documents to the Bountiful Museum that is currently in creation. Part of the museum will be an archival room.
    2. Possible use of the funds from sale of the facility:

1. perpetual genealogy fund
2. funds for research
3. donate to the Bountiful Museum
4. donate to the Chesterfield Organization

6. Current Issues with the physical facility
    1. Rain coming in onto the cabinets in the basement room. Tom Tolman indicated has a friend who can fix the leak, with flashing, as has nothing to do with the roofing
    2. Roofing still needs to be replaced. The question was raised if we plan to sell the facility should we fix the roof. Probably a better option to fix the roof. The funds are available but will probably take most of the $11,000 plus balance. It was stated that the proceeds in the account do not come from the rental of the facility but has come the dues, donations and sale of the products (journals etc.)
    3. Jake Howlett reported that often find dust/debris on top of the cabinets in the storage room but no moisture. It was determined that this is a result of an earlier flooding from the upstairs area, which has been fixed. The ceiling material was compromised by earlier flooding but should not be a problem, now.
    4. Discussed the internet/phone connection in the facility. It was decided to keep it under the Tolman Organization. Jake Howlett will call Century Link to correct how the account is listed

7. Facility Rental:
    1. Douglas Jones reported is moving from the upstairs apartment to West Valley City on June 15, 2013
    2. Tricia Leslie reported that the Jones have made many improvement throughout the upstairs including the attic. The area has been well taken care of and is a credit to the Jones family
    3. Tricia has a prospective renter (family from her ward) who can move in when the Jones move out. (Adam and Gwen Fisher). She related facts and findings about the family and it was decided to proceed with the rental of the upstairs apartment to this family.

Cyrus Line - no report

Judson Line – no report

Benjamin Line – no report

Postcard and Magazine – Tom Tolman: Eliminated the newsletter so won’t have any documents until the fall magazine.

NEXT MEETING: not determined

Tom Tolman will have repair work done on leak over the cabinets
Tom Tolman will get several quotes on replacing the roofing and get back to President in two weeks
Jake Howlett to contact Century Link on phone/internet account


Sunday, January 13, 2013

January Executive Board Meeting

Executive Board Meeting
Family Research Center-Bountiful
Jan 13, 2013 6:30 pm

PRESIDING & CONDUCTING: John Tolman, President


WELCOME & INTRODUCTIONS: John Tolman, President

THOSE IN ATTENDANCE & VOLUNTEER HOURS: Barbara Tolman –20 hrs; Loraine Pace- 185 hrs; Jacob Howlett; Tom Tolman-2 hrs; John Tolman-36 hrs; Kristie Pitts-6 hrs; Lola Beagley- 64 ½ hrs

MINUTES: Minutes of Aug 12, 2012 Executive Board Mtg read by Lola Beagley and approved by members.
FINANCIAL REPORT: Presented by Barbara L. Tolman. See attachment.
  1. A suggestion was given by Loraine Pace that the surplus funds from the rental income be applied to the fund for replacement of the roof. It was agreed that a review would be done on previous surplus funds and they would be added to the roof fund.
  2. Approval was given by Loraine Pace to continue paying Elese Elwood $100.00 a week through June 30, 2013, for genealogical research.

PREDIDENT’S MESSAGE/REMARKS: Congratulated Krisite and Robert Pitts who will leave shortly for a mission in the Philippines. No report on research this month.

OTHER: Completed temple cards left at the family Center are to be forwarded to Loraine Pace.

Web Master – Trent Larson “attended” via Web cam from St. Croix, VI; no business

Genealogist and Temple Work – Loraine T Pace
  1. Mentioned quote from Pres. Boyd K Packer regarding genealogy research:
Every thought or word or act we direct at this sacred work is pleasing to the Lord. Every hour spent on genealogical research, however unproductive it appears, is worthwhile. It is pleasing to the Lord. It is our testimony to Him that we accept the doctrine of the resurrection and the plan of salvation. It draws us close to those who have gone before. It welds eternal links in family associations and draws us closer to him who is our Lord.” “The Holy Temple. P 25
  1. A goal that is not written down is only a wish. Her goals:
    1. finish editing short histories
    2. sort and reorganize filing cabinets at the center
    3. evaluate contents of wooden drawers at the center
    4. wrap up the current lines she is working on
    5. edit the journals
  2. Suggested goal for the board members is to ensure they have completed all their family group sheets. Then get 10 other family members to send in their sheets.
  3. Provided an update on research on Jeremiah Mecham. She received a booklet from Ralph Mecham with recent research and that the research now will be done by his son, Owen Mecham.
  4. Looking for a contact on the Holbrook line
  5. Pray for help- Bore testimony of Lord’s help when reading the films that each time a frame appeared that was readable, it contained the last name that she was researching.
Cyrus Line -
  1. Kristie Pitts suggested that a notice be posted on the Tolman Family Website that a replacement for her is needed on the Cyrus line.
  2. Reported on successful on research on the Snow line.
Judson Line –

Benjamin Line –

Postcard and Magazine – Tom Tolman: 1. He will prepare the post card reminder for the
Family organization dues. It needs to be sent prior to release of the March
magazine. Loraine and Tom will confer on the message.
2. Tom announced that he is on the committee for celebration of the 150th Anniversary of the Bountiful Tabernacle. He explained that Judson Tolman and Joseph Holbrook played an important part in proving the wood for the building. Ephraim and Jaren were also mentioned as participants at that time.

NEXT MEETING: February 10, 2013 at 6:30pm



Saturday, October 20, 2012

October Semi-Annual Meeting

Semi-annual Meeting
Family Research Center-Bountiful
Oct 20, 2012 1:00 pm

PRESIDING & CONDUCTING: John Tolman, President


WELCOME & INTRODUCTIONS: John Tolman, President

Discussion of getting young people to pay dues. Problems with the last magazine going out to all it should have on email.

THOSE IN ATTENDANCE & VOLUNTEER HOURS: 23 in attendance 147 hours


FINANCIAL REPORT: presented by Treasurer, Barbara L Tolman, and is attached

RESEARCH REPORT: presented by Genealogist, Loraine Tolman Pace and is attached.


GUEST SPEAKERS: Ben Baker – working on Family Tree

Ben gave a whirlwind tour of Family Tree. He discussed the Learning Resources that are available, indexing, blogs and how to get help. A list of web sites was reviewed and is included with the minutes.

Right now to get into Family Tree you have to be invited but soon it will be available to everyone. He encouraged all to go to Family Tree training. These are some of the characteristics of Family Tree:
  1. Replaces New Family Search
  2. Ability to attach sources
  3. Can edit data/relationships others contributed
  4. Flag no-matching duplicate people
  5. Provide justification for all changes
  6. Change history-can restore previous edits
Ben then demonstrated how each one of these possibilities works.

Take some time to look over his presentation and handout